• Matching Platform for Patients and Investigative Sites

    In order to solve the challenges of recruiting patients in clinical trials, Buzzreach offers services to people who are suffering from health problems by providing clinical trial information to the public and improving clinical trials’ searchability on the internet.

    We have created online matching platforms called Search My Trial(smt) and Post Your Buzz (puzz), which allow patients to interact with investigative sites and SMOs and makes clinical trials more familiar and accessible to the general public.

    1. 1. Accelerate Patient Recruitment at Investigative Sites
    2. 2. Smt, the Expedia for Clinical Trials
    3. 3. Collective Management of Clinical Trial Information with Puzz
    4. 4. An Overview of How the System We Provide Works
    5. 5. Contact us

    Accelerate Patient Recruitment at Investigative Sites

    Clinical trials are a necessary step for delivering new and more advanced medicines to patients. However, at present, there is no resource available for patients to guide them towards clinical trials that they may benefit from. In order to change this, we created an online matching platform to connect potential patients with investigative sites and help them understand that participating in a clinical trial is a potential option.

    In Japan, there are approximately 600 clinical trials a year covering a total of 50,000 participating patients. These clinical trials are conducted at over 20,000 sites however, 70% of the trials fail to meet the deadline due to lack of participants. One of the main reason is the lack of trial information available to the public. If investigative sites emphasize more on the promotion of trials, the information will be more open to the public, raising the participation rate. This, in turn, would lead to cost reduction for pharmaceutical companies due to the decrease of drug development time as well as newer drugs reaching patients quicker and cheaper.

    Furthermore, as the movement grows, the value and awareness of existing patient specialized recruitment companies (PRO) will rise. We believe that our platform will help raise awareness about companies and organizations involved in clinical trials and eliminate past stigmas surrounding clinical trials.

    Our platform provides the following 4 services:

    • Patients are able to search for relevant clinical trial information about trials they are potentially eligible to participate in.
    • Investigative sites are able to promote their specific clinical trials’ information.
    • Sponsors and CROs are able to collectively manage the status of each of their clinical trials.
    • Potential clinical trial patients and investigative sites will be able to be matched with one and other.

    Smt, the Expedia for Clinical Trials

    These days, people book flights and hotels using booking engines like Expedia. These provide the best, most relevant flight and hotel information to suit the person’s specific travel needs: such as location, schedule and budget. Using a similar model, smt works as a matching platform to link patients who are interested in participating in clinical trials with the most relevant sites conducting clinical trials based on a patient’s needs such as diagnosis, symptoms and geographical location.

    Information is automatically collected from JAPIC, JMACCT, Clinical Trial Registration System, ClinicalTrials.gov, and UMIN, as well as posts from investigative sites so that we can offer clinical trial information to patients and people suffering from health problems. By providing as much information as possible, we aim to support potential patients to better understand clinical trials and encourage them to participate in clinical trials.

    Figure 1: Smt and the Services it Provides

    Collective Management of Clinical Trial Information with Puzz

    PUZZ is a convenient platform to manage registration of clinical trial information and recruitment progress after registration. It also has a function of panelising potential patients in the hospital.
    What PUZZ can do:
    • Vendor management
    • Campaign management
    • Referral management
    • Visit management
    • System training
    • Double entry check
    • Communicate with and send alert to patients
    • Authority management
    • Waiting list of clinical trials
    • Registration of clinical trials to partner networks in real time

    Figure 2: Puzz and the Services it Provides

    An Overview of How the System We Provide Works

    Clinical trial information will be posted by pharmaceutical companies onto puzz where it will link with smt as well as provide a database for further provision of the information to the public in various ways. Smt has a diverse partner network with companies and organizations with patient communities and healthcare communities. Our partner network can be divided into three types: health care media, companies holding clinical trial specialized volunteer databases, and patient advocacy groups. By increasing awareness of clinical trials through our partner network it is possible to efficiently educate patients, their families, and people suffering from health problems about the opportunities that clinical trials present. Other than that, clinical trial information will also be published via posters and leaflets in medical facilities, brochure distribution to patients in hospitals and leaving contact information on medical institution homepage as well as pharmaceutical companies’ pipelines. When potential participants apply, they will be screened online according to selection exclusion criteria and qualified individuals will then be referred to investigative sites.

    Figure 3: Overview on How Smt and Puzz Works

    Contact us

    Please feel free to inquire using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible between 9:30 and 18:30 (Monday – Friday Japan Tokyo time).