Buzzreach Selected for G-STARTUP Acceleration Program!

On August 14th, GLOBIS (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yoshito Hori) has selected 14 companies for their acceleration program for start-up companies, “G-STARTUP” and Buzzreach is one of the selected companies.

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Since its establishment in 1992, GLOBIS has been promoting business developments with the vision of creating an infrastructure of “human”, “fund” and “wisdom” related to management and creating and reforming society. In terms of “human”, there is the school corporation that provides in-company training programs as well as e-learning and online classes. On the other hand, there are venture capitals that invests and nurtures venture companies for the “funding” side. For the aspects of “wisdom”, information has been promoted through their business and information dissemination site/app “GLOBIS knowledge book”. In order to promote creation and change for society, G1, the general incorporated association also organizes conferences while the general incorporated foundation KIBOW supports disaster recovery.

To date, GLOBIS has invested up to 10 million yen into a business plan contest, GLOBIS Venture Challenge and another 100 million yen in “GLOBIS Alumni Growth Investment”, a program that supports venture companies current students or graduates have started up. In addition to that, they have also invested in more than 150 companies with a total investment of more than 100 billion yen. Through this, it can be seen that GLOBIS Group is vigorously promoting the construction of venture ecosystems and with their most recent launch of “G-STARTUP”, will accelerate the growth of start-up ecosystems.


Launched in April 2019, “G-STARTUP” aimed to create a platform that can produce 100 unicorn companies. They intend to do this by adopting start-up companies that have the potential to grow into a country representing venture company in the future and providing them with the five infrastructures (human, fund, wisdom, network and large enterprise collaboration) that GLOBIS has cultivated hence aiding the product, business model and team growth.

Human Entrepreneurs of GLOBIS Graduate School of Management with about 7,000 graduates
Fund GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS, which has 150 investment companies and accumulated assets of approximately ¥ 100 billion under management
Wisdom Book publication with cumulative sales of 3 million copies, “GLOBIS knowledge book” delivering more than 2500 videos and 4000 articles, and “GLOBIS unlimited learning” video learning service with 40,000 registered IDs
Network Connection of leaders who are in the forefront of their fields such as politics, economy, business, science and technology, culture etc.
Collaboration with Large Companies Possibility of collaborating with hundreds of large corporations with a track record of developing executives

Figure 1: Five infrastructures that GLOBIS provides to entrepreneurs with G-STARTUP

Since the start of the program, recruited entrepreneurs have undergone document screening and interviews before getting selected. Following this, matching events between entrepreneurs and mentors will be held in the future. Since September, Minoru Imano, the representative partner of GLOBIS CAPITAL PARTNERS (GCP) had agreed to set the purpose of this program to create awareness about unicorn companies and provide lectures to educate companies on the latest management knowledge. A demo day will be held in November where venture capital investors and investment engineers including GCP will be participating as investor reviewers.

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